Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our date

On our date I wanted to eat at the Cheesecake Factory and Matt wanted to go to Hometown Buffet. We went to Hometown Buffet because I knew there was a Target nearby so we browsed after we ate. Even though we didn't have Jonah with us we walked through the toy aisles. I could tell Matt was wishing Jonah was old enough to get some of the toys so he could play with them. Jonah did fabulously. They said the only time he cried was when they wouldn't open a present that was for Jake's birthday next week.

In this picture Jonah is scratching on the door like the dogs. He thinks it is funny to do that and pant like a dog. He now says "Cay-cay" which is what we usually call Caleb, that or Kiki. Matt is currently cleaning up the backyard of leaves and branches. He is also chopping up a Christmas tree that was in the yard when we moved in. They previous tenants left us with a lot of surprises like that. I'm working on a "quiet book" for Jonah. I'm hoping to unveil it on the plane ride in April to keep him entertained.

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Megan said...

April? Plane ride? Are you coming back!? :)