Friday, February 12, 2010

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

I know it has been a long time since I took any good pictures of Jonah. That was partially due to his newly developed speed and refusal to smile or look at the camera and partially due to it being winter making natural light picture taking hard. I was determined to get some today. Jonah and I headed to Issaquah to meet up with Veronica and Arik at a consignment sale early this morning. Gymboree provided free childcare. Woohoo! Jonah didn't even notice me leaving and when I came to pick him up he was busy coloring. The sale was somewhat a bust for me. Jonah didn't really need anything but I had won a gift card to the sale from a blog giveaway awhile back and I wanted to see if they had any play kitchens. They didn't but Veronica was able to find some dresses and pjs for her soon-to-arrive little girl. It was also a boutique sale with a lot of mom run businesses selling baby and child items. I didn't walk away completely empty handed though. I found two little totes for coloring books and crayons. I got one for Jonah and one for Nate. Jonah has already tried to take off with his but I think we'll be taking the crayons out first.

After we stopped by Walgreens to get Matt chocolate covered cherries for Valentine's Day (I'm a big spender!), Jonah was very antsy and so I thought we would find a playground for him to run around a little before we started driving home. My best friend, gps, pointed us to a beautiful park and we were able to get out and walk a bit and take some pictures before it started raining. The consignment sale was held in a barn and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get it the background. In most of the pictures though Jonah is just a yellow blur running away.

I think I love this pictures because its blurry. And he looks so grown up in it.

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