Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Toga! Toga!

My car is officially a Washington resident. I replaced my Illinois license plates with Washington plates. Matt starts his month long anesthesiology rotation and is on call tomorrow. In March he is only on call one day because he'll be doing family practice and it is one of the easier rotations.
Jonah continues to entertain and delight us. A couple of months ago we received a magazine on caring for your puppy that was addressed to the previous tenants. That magazine is one of Jonah's favorite things to read because there are so many pictures of dogs. We don't actually read it to him but talk about what the dogs are doing in the pictures. There is one where a girl is teaching a dog to sit. Before I even said anything he started giving the sit command to the dogs. It is so funny the stuff that he remembers.

Jonah likes to walk around the house with this blanket. Afraid he was going to trip I threw the end over his shoulder. Instant toga!

When he sits in/on something he always pulls his legs up. I wonder where he gets that from?

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