Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend at the park

We spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons at the park. On Saturday we went to Gas Works Park in Seattle and it was a picturesque day. Too bad I forgot to charge my camera before going. Just imagine people playing frisbee, walking their dogs, flying kites, and kids running around in a park next to the water with ducks and sailboats going by. It was gorgeous and Jonah had a great time seeing many different dogs.

Today we wanted to go to a park outside the city so I had Matt choose one and it ended up being the one Jonah and I went to a couple of weeks ago in Issaquah. We had a picnic lunch and walked around. I really missed the snow in December but I love this nice weather in February.

Do you love the hat? We went to the mall yesterday for the Auntie Ann's Free Pretzel Day (yum!) and I stopped in Crazy 8 to look around and saw that they had a whale line. Unfortunately they only have it up to 24 months but I got Jonah that sweatshirt and a shirt. And I couldn't pass up the hat!

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Grandma Joan said...

What wonderful pictures! Jonah looks like such a big boy! I love that hat and his hoodie. I can't wait for you two to visit. I miss you all so much! I love you
Grandma Joan