Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another sick day

Jonah coughed pretty much all night and silly me thought at 2 am that I would just try to have him sleep with me. It didn't work. He was giggling, singing, and playing in the bed. When I got up and told him he was going to go back to his crib he put his head on the pillow and acted like he was sleeping before he started laughing and rolling around again. He started running a fever today but for the most part has been in good spirits. I can't wait until he gets better because it has been gorgeous outside. While he and Matt were napping I went to the grocery store and it was 68 degrees and sunny.

Matt and I started dating 9 years ago today. I got him a card which I completely forgot to give to him.

1 comment:

grandma J said...

I hope Jonah is feeling better.
We are so looking forward to your visit.
Love , Grandma Joan