Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby shower

We had a baby shower last night for Veronica but I didn't even think about taking pictures until this morning. I made a cake, name banner and some cute pom poms like Martha. I also made spinach and artichoke dip from my mix Nathan and Jodi gave me for Christmas. It was a big hit. Jonah has been snacking on broccoli today with a little bit of dip. Jonah, Jake, and Aric had a blast playing together. It is scary that even at this age 3 boys together is a bit chaotic. Especially since Jonah's new favorite activity is to run through the house screaming and that got the other boys going too.

Matt started another family practice rotation yesterday. There is no overnight call in this rotation which is really nice. We set new goals for Jonah's speech therapy. The speech pathologist wants us to focus on signing with Jonah because he picks it up so easily and says the words will come.

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