Thursday, March 11, 2010


This morning Jonah and I stopped by a Babylegs warehouse sale. We only own one pare of genuine babylegs and the rest are homemade but they were promising great prices so we went to check it out. It was a little hard to find because a) the location and b) I was having issues with my gps. So it was actually in their warehouse right on the water. It was in a very industrial area and I'm pretty sure all the men in trucks wondered what all these women and babies were doing in their neck of the woods.

However, it was so worth it. Check out these cute ones Jonah is wearing. They're super soft and cost $1. He's kind of a mess of stripes isn't he? He thought it was funny when I told him not to eat paper so he just shoved it in faster and laughed.

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Anonymous said...

The girls love their baby legs you made them! But we had a meltdown the other day when Tay couldn't find her hot pink tutu for pictures, so we will have to get another one Aunt Kimmy!