Saturday, March 13, 2010


We went downtown this afternoon to have our taxes done. We didn't end up having them done because they told us it would cost a lot more than it was worth so I'll do them tonight. Since we had paid for 2 hours of parking, we walked to a nearby park. That is one thing I love about this city. There is always a park nearby. It was a little cold and windy but it wasn't raining.
Jonah has been taking very good care of his Elmo. He spends most of his time in the shopping cart and gets pushed around every morning. Jonah also shares his milk with him and tries to feed him things. Today he was watching the dogs drink from their bowl and picked up Elmo. I knew what he was thinking and pulled him away but as soon as I had my back turned he was dunking Elmo's face in the water. Anytime we mention Elmo he starts dancing and says "eeeeeeeee" which happens to be Elmo's favorite letter. Tonight Matt was in the kitchen singing the Elmo song to himself (it is very catchy) and Jonah heard him and started dancing and singing "la la la". I got the camera and he stopped.

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