Monday, March 1, 2010

I don't like Mondays

So I've been hiding something all month. I have a hatred for the month of February. It has historically been a bad month for me. I was ready to declare a tragedy/problem free February this year. Now I'm thinking I need to include March on my list too. My dog, Buffey, passed away today. She was roughly 124 dog years old.

After some campaigning from Heather and I that included charts about why we needed a dog and how we would care for one, I bought Buffey with my babysitting money when I was 12. That is how Lady Ashley Buffey became my dog. She liked to roll around on my bed but preferred to sleep on the floor. She was wary of men and didn't like other dogs. She wasn't very well behaved and every fall when we went back to school she would show her displeasure by destroying the house. I was sad to leave her when I went to college but by then she was every one's dog and they wouldn't have stood for me taking her with me. Matt knew her for half of her life and loved her too. We knew her time was near but he was hoping to see her once more. I'll notice her absence when I visit but everyone at home is feeling it now. I'm trying to not be too sad because she lived a very long, happy life and had been in poor health. I'll hug my dogs extra tight today.

On a side note, if we ever want Jonah to smile for a picture I know what to do. The cynical little boy thinks crying is hilarious.

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joan said...

I am so sorry Kim. I know how much you loved Buffy. I am thinking of you.
Love Joan