Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jonah & the whale

When we got home yesterday there was a package from Great Grandma Louise waiting for us. Jonah got some new summer clothes, new toys, and this Dr. Seuss whale. It is his new sleeping companion. Mom and Dad enjoyed the candy.
You don't have to worry about Matt switching to surgery because him being voted intern of the year was based solely on his work on the floor and participation in conference and not on anything in the OR. According to him this year has only confirmed his decision not to do surgery because of both the lifestyle and his surgical skills. The award is named after a resident who died in a ski accident and the "trophy" is a mangled ski pole. Creepy. It is one of those return at the end of the year things but Matt took it back to the hospital this morning.
We're planning our trip to California which is really exciting. We're talking about staying in Carlsbad so we're between LA and San Diego. The only things on our agenda are the San Diego Zoo and, of course, the wedding. I'm sure we'll swim in the hotel pool some and just relax. If we had more time we might do Legoland but we don't want to be rushed and worn out.
Jonah and I will be flying home in less than a month! We made our first Craigslist purchase and bought a little wheelie thing to attach to the car seat to push through the airport since I will be on my own. I'm thinking I need to get Matt on here to write a post. It has been a while and I'm sure everyone would like to hear from him.

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Anonymous said...

I thought I mailed a comment but I guess it did not go through. I can not believe you got the package Monday as I just mailed it on Saturday at noon. I could not pass up the Dr. Suess whale at Kohls I love the pictures you are sending They mean so much to me and I know G Joan loves them also. I stopped to see her last Friday when i had yearly eye exam. I have to have stronger bifocals and they will have some kind of prism in them Matt I am so proud of you too I love you all and keep up the pictures. Love Great Grandma Louise