Friday, March 5, 2010

Loooong post

I've been trying to upload a video for about 2 hours now and I just don't think it is happening. I wonder if I uploaded to You.Tube and posted the link it might be faster for me and easier for you to view. I like to post videos because, although it is really out of my control, I hate that no one gets to see Jonah. I tell Matt all the time that I feel sorry for everyone at home not being able to see Jonah regularly because he is pretty terrific. I'm sure everyone thinks that about their child though. For the last couple of weeks every time I've been on the phone whoever I'm talking to comments on Jonah jabbering in the background. He is "talking" all the time now. We laugh at him because he makes some funny noises and faces. He always knows how to make Matt laugh and is a little ham at the dinner table.

Although Jonah doesn't need any diapers, I was looking at cloth diapers tonight. I had heard people say they were a little obsessed and I didn't really understand it until I started. There are so many cute styles/prints and they do look awfully cute on Jonah. We have enough that he won't run out if I wash them every 2 days. I'm hoping the next time we move we'll have a top load washer. I know the front load are supposed to be more efficient and everything but you can't soak and that is a pain with cloth diapers. About half of Jonah's diapers are one size so they should get us to potty training. Speaking of potty training, knowing Jonah I'm figuring it will be years before we're ready for that but he might have given a sign that one day it will happen. Today we were in the living room and he started doing his "stinky" sign that we do when we change his diaper, ran to his room, grabbed a diaper from the basket and sat on the floor for me to change him. I was flabbergasted. He always goes to his room when we tell him we're going to change his diaper but he never initiates it. He has also never minded being wet or dirty even as a baby. I was hoping that by the time I finished this post the video would be uploaded but no such luck. I'll just include a picture from last week. He was doing a little reading before bed.

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