Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One of those days

Is Jonah looking more clean cut? I gave him a little trim before his bath tonight. We turned on some Elmo and he sat pretty still. We had some errands to run today including the fabric store. Jonah has never behaved so badly before. He was screaming and yelling. I decided to let him out of his stroller so he could run around a bit. That was a mistake. He pulled bolts of fabric off the shelves and tried to get on the shelves. I had to pull him away from the fleece section screaming because he was hugging some flowered print with pink elephants and didn't want to let go. I couldn't get out of the store fast enough. But I did manage to get what I went for before we left. Here is a preview of my next project. You'll never guess what I'm making.

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