Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New membership

There is a children's museum about 20 minutes north of us that I had heard was really nice. I let our membership expire at Kidsquest because while it was fantastic when Jonah was younger and not yet walking, there wasn't as much to do for the older kids. Since Matt had the day off we decided to all go check out the other one as a family on Monday.
It was really big and had so many things for Jonah to do that we didn't even make it to everything. It even has a rooftop dinosaur themed playground that we'll really enjoy when the weather is nicer. They also offers classes for preschoolers where they do art projects and learn about different topics. I can't wait for Jonah to turn 3 so he can go. We got a family membership so we can enjoy it as often as we would like.

Here are Jonah and Matt in the firehouse themed area. As you can tell, Jonah didn't want to slow down for a picture.

Jonah painting very seriously today.

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