Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sports fan

I thought I would try to get some pictures of Jonah the other day when the sun was out but he didn't want to sit so that picture above is the only one I took. Matt watched Jonah this weekend while I worked. I think they spend all of their time watching youtube videos and tv. Jonah likes the show Busytown which is only on once a week so we record it and ration it out throughout the week. He is also a sports fan (?). He likes to watch basketball and football. He talks a lot about baseball but I don't think he has ever seen any baseball. We don't even know where he learned about it.

From last weekend when we went to Lowes.

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Anonymous said...

I like the color of the tractor John Deere. He looks like quite the big boy on it. I also enjoy the pictures of you and Matt. We had thunderstorms day before yesterday and then it was cool and windy yesterday but today sun shone and most of snow is gone. Just those up on back side of house where drifts are protected. It was 40 plus degree Jonah is really growing fast. love you all and miss you alot. All my love great grandma Jiles