Monday, February 7, 2011

The weekend flew by as I worked Saturday and Sunday nights. Our babysitter has family in town so I picked up Jonah when I got off work and tried to stay awake while he played. I drifted off a few times and would wake up to find that Jonah needed his nose wiped and to be told not to spoon water out of the humidifier with a shovel and drink it. He is still having a ton of drainage but it isn't slowing him down much. There is construction going on here so every noise makes him run to the window. The framing is done on one house and now they're working on the one next to it. I'm always shocked to see how much they accomplish because I have never seen more than 2 guys there at once.

Matt is supposed to get his schedule for next year this month. We can't wait to start planning our next trip home. We would like to be home around Jonah's birthday in August but we'll see if he can get that time off. Nothing else is going on here. I mastered the single crochet stitch so now it is on to the double, triple, etc. Being left handed makes it hard because beyond the basic stitches all the illustrations are right handed.

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