Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bullet points

I don't have any new pictures but here is a snapshot of what Jonah is up to lately.

-Was screaming in the car, stopped and said "I in bad mood"

-Trying to poor his milk in the potty chair and when I told him we don't do that he said "that terrible"

-We were talking about Laura's birthday and how I was getting her present ready when he wanted to know where she was. I told him she was in Illinois and he ran and got on his airplane and said he was going to Illinois

-When I told him Matt was at work he said "daddy no help sick people"

-Using the drawers in the kitchen to climb and reach things on the counter while saying "I being naughty"

-When he gets excited he says tata and when we ask him what it means he says "tata mean mommy" (or daddy, he changes) and laughs hysterically

-When I ask him for a word that starts with a certain letter he purposefully says ones that he knows are incorrect and just laughs. Cupcake is his favorite one to say

-Frequently says "I like that" or "don't like that"

-Loves ladybugs. We saw a ladybug pillow pet at the mall and he would have spent all day petting it, talking sweetly to it, and saying "i like ladybug" if he could.

-Has been watching Sesame Street while I make dinner and can identify most of the characters (by the way, the old Sesame Street was so much better)

-Now cries as soon as we enter music class and says "mommy hold me" for the first 5 minutes and then is okay

-Gets very upset if we pick him up to carry him up or down the stairs and says "I do myself" yet when given the opportunity he just sits on the stairs

-Had to take him to the doctor with me because my babysitters where busy and when the doctor walked in the room he told her to go back out the door

-I thought he said "I want to see Charlie Sheen" but he said "I want to see sewing machine"

-Finally making some progress on pulling his pants up and down which makes my day easier

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