Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Education Day

I had my yearly education day for work today. It was 8 hours of mostly sitting in a lecture hall. They're changing a lot of their respiratory policies to what I was used to at Carle so it was nice to hear about the changes. It seems like they're a few years behind but that is probably just due to there being so many physicians and everyone having to agree as opposed to the 2 neos in CU. I did think several times how nice it would be if instead of being there I was surrounded by my friends at Carle. I know the dynamics of this unit are completely different so I won't ever have that here. I did volunteer to help with a project so at least I'm taking some ownership.

Jonah spent the day playing with Aric and Sophia. He has a great time over there and I think they enjoy him. I got a text about him saying he was tired and wanting to sleep in Sophia's crib. Speaking of cribs, we figured out that if we put his sleep sack on him there is no way he can climb out. Problem averted until it gets warm! Actually we'll have to make the switch soon because it is getting very hard for me to take him in and out of the crib. I don't think it is that he has gained weight but rather his weight distribution is different. But first we have to find him a bookshelf so we have somewhere to put his humidifier so he can't get up and play with it.

While he was napping I snapped this picture. It sums up Jonah these days with the construction equipment and legos. He always has one or the other in his hands at all times. Last night he was able to sneak a couple of legos to bed.

Matt and Jonah watching Sesame Street. I don't know who enjoys it more.

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