Friday, March 4, 2011

His perfect day

Jonah had a pretty fantastic day today. He had music class in the morning where they brought out bubbles at parachute time and he was sooooo excited. After we stopped by Target to return something we went to the mall and had lunch at Panera before heading to the play area. He ran around and had a great time. When we returned home we walked down the street and watched the digger work for a while. To top it off I'm working tonight so Matt will be feeding him dinner and that usually means pizza. What a lucky boy!

Here he is playing with one of those touch pad things at the mall.

I couldn't get him to smile so I told him to laugh and this is what he did.

We bought a little plastic greenhouse and planted some tomatoes and peppers yesterday. We also decorated labels for the pots. At first he just wanted to hold the seeds and not plant them but then I told him that farmers put the seeds in the dirt and he was all about it after that.

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