Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pictures, pictures, pictures

We met Karen and Jake at the aquarium this morning. It is only the second time we've gone because it is expensive. Maybe when Jonah is older we'll think about a membership but right now he is between walking and being in the stroller. He doesn't listen to me enough to walk all of the time but is old enough that he doesn't want to sit in the stroller exclusively either and it isn't an easy place to keep an eye on him.

We looked at the water fountain outside the aquarium before going in. It was a windy day.

Jake and Jonah watching the fish. Sadly I didn't get many pictures in the aquarium. I was too busy chasing after a runaway toddler. When I did try to take a picture of him he was always half out of the shot. It was so much easier before he was mobile.

The aquarium is literally located on the sound. We walked down the pier and ate our lunch where we found a little arcade that had a carousel.

It moved really fast and I had a hard time holding on to Jonah, taking pictures and keeping myself upright at the same time. Here is the only shot of the crazy haired kid I managed. I think he is past due for a haircut.

We had a good view of the aquarium from the carousel though. You can see it on the water.

We made a run to Babies R Us where Jonah always has to ride on the airplane. Is it sad that we were driving by and he started yelling that he wanted to go to babies r us? Anyway, I never put money in the ride but today it just started working and as you can tell he was ecstatic.

He saw this from aisles away. I left it in the car and I'm hoping he'll forget about it so that it can be his Easter present.

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Anonymous said...

I love these pictures. Jonah is growing so fast he is a young man now. My brother Duane told me this week that Katie is ezpecting in August. It is warmer now raining and melting all the snow expcept that which is piled in bushes and wind and sun does not get it. Harry and Keith are getting ready to go to the fields It is hard to think that it is almost time to plant. I made copies of several of the pictures and love them. everyone likes the one with the black hat as I have made almost thirty of them and given them to almost everyone. Love you all. Great Grandma Louise