Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I never mentioned that the fabric for the desk skirt came about a month ago and I finished it the very day it came. I am just now getting around to taking pictures and posting them. It was super easy and from now on I'm looking for fabric with a geometric pattern because it made it incredibly easy to cut straight lines, something I have trouble with.

It is mounted on a tension rod that I took from Jonah's room when we finally got him a proper curtain rod. It can be pushed to the side to access the computer and printer. Caleb also thinks it is his house.

I loved the fabric so much that I decided to use it in the living room too. The wicker baskets I had been using for Jonah's small toys were not holding up very well. So I transformed some USPS flat rate shipping boxes with some fabric and made two new small toy boxes. Here is one which is currently occupied by some of his friends.

I made a couple of pillows for the couch too. I think I need fluffier inserts though.

Today marks ten years since Matt and I started dating. What a wonderful time it has been and we have this little guy to show for it!

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