Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcome, Spring!

We're feeling a little better but with the combination of colds and seasonal allergies we're going through tissues like crazy. Yesterday was a gorgeous day but I had my NRP renewal so I was stuck inside or in the car. Jonah did get to go outside and play with his friends though. Today we took a walk to the bookstore and pet store. It was a nice walk on the way there but then I realized why on the way back as I'm pushing the stroller uphill. Jonah isn't as light as he used to be and me, well I've never been in shape.

Jonah had speech therapy today and had his evaluation a little early. I was excited to see how he would measure up because I have been thinking that he really doesn't need it anymore. Sure enough he isn't behind in any areas and no longer qualifies. I was surprised to see him use personal pronouns correctly because that is something that I've corrected him on before but he didn't seem to understand. I was also surprised how easily he identified boys and girls because it isn't something we have really talked about and he only plays with boys. However, when asked if I was a boy or girl he said "mommy is a mommy". So I'm in my own category.

He made a lego teeter totter last night.

This little bird at the pet store followed Jonah around. It was so cute. If we didn't have two dogs, I would have brought him home. Although Jonah and Matt have been campaigning for a pug or a guinea pig. Not gonna happen.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better. And my how Jonah has grown and matured. He is quite the little man now. Ive been cleaning closets and cabinets and I have some pitures of Matt I will have to send you as Jonah reminded me of them. Hope you have a nice spring. I got up this am and it was snowing a little but of course it did not last when it hit ground. Love you all Great Grandma Louise