Tuesday, April 12, 2011


We spent today hanging out at home because someone left the lights on when they drove the car and the battery was dead. They felt really bad Jonah had to miss his music class and stopped by the store to look for stuffed guinea pig for him.

Jonah and I worked in the yard for a while. I was pulling weeds when I looked over and Jonah was making a pile of dirt on the patio. When we came inside I noticed he had broken out in hives but they didn't seem to bother him.

I didn't take any pictures today but here is one from last Friday. We had just come home from the mall and found a guy doing the lawn maintenance. (We pay an HOA fee to have our front yard maintained) Jonah was beyond thrilled and jabbered away at him. I told him he could sit on the steps and watch but eventually I had to bring him inside because he would get up and walk over to the guy. I told him he could watched from his bedroom window. I even cracked the window because it was a semi-nice day. I had to close it because Jonah wouldn't stop yelling "hey" to the guy.

And a really short video of Jonah in the car last week. He was talking away on his phone until I turned on the camera.

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