Saturday, April 2, 2011

I have been looking forward to this weekend for a month. I planned to spend the weekend working in the yard and just relaxing. Well I failed to see that I have to work on Sunday and then it was rainy and muddy outside. So instead I spent the day cleaning and organizing the house. Matt humored me and helped to rearrange the furniture in our bedroom again. Putting the bed in front of the window seemed like a brilliant idea a few months ago but then I remembered that there is no air conditioning and we'll want to be able to open the window.

Jonah spent the weekend working on lego creations. He'll play quietly for hours building and rebuilding things. Unfortunately every time I request he pick them up he just starts playing with them again. Today he has been working on a crane.

We were watching tv last night when I looked over and saw Caleb sitting in the dark dining room. He looked like he wanted to do some sewing.

Jonah wearing his Illinois shirt.

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