Monday, April 4, 2011

There isn't much going on here. We've had almost 40 days straight of no sun so that is getting old. It is supposed to rain all week and then be sunny on Saturday so that is something to look forward to. I worked last night so Jonah played with Aric today while I slept. Now he is napping. I just ordered Jonah his new car seat. I'll take Matt's car in on Thursday and we'll have a rental until it is finished. It is only Monday and I'm already feeling over scheduled for the week. Next week is our last week of music class. I haven't decided if we should register for another session. Jonah does enjoy it but I don't know if we should try something else. Once he turns three there will be a number of new classes he can take. We'll probably do swim lessons this summer. The city we live in is opening their newly remodeled recreation center complete with waterslides and multiple pools this month. I just noticed today that the photographer who took Jonah's 1 year pictures has several of him in the infant slideshow on her page. Check it out here and see if you can identify baby Jonah. I tried to post a video but after half an hour of trying to upload the camera battery ran out. So instead I'll leave you with some cute/not so cute things Jonah is doing and saying.

-When Matt asked him who his daddy was he responded "Elmo's daddy"

-Now tells us "I don't like you". Does it to Matt more often because he gets a reaction out of him.

-Uses the word "mine" frequently

-When he wears his sunglasses he starts talking loudly

-One time I let him ride inside the shopping cart from the entrance of the store to the childcare area and he said he was riding like a doggy. Now every time we're at the store he wants to be like a doggy. People here take their pets into stores and he must have seen one riding in the shopping cart at some point.

-Speaking of dogs, anytime he sees one he says it is going to the dog park

-Is at the stage where he wants us to kiss his bumps and bruises

-I mentioned to Matt that Jonah felt a little warm. Jonah immediately said in his sick voice, "I need medicine"

-At the fabric store started shouting and pointing "I see John Deere" when he saw a towel with the emblem on it. He is also very fond of my JD dish towels.

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grandma joan said...

What a cutie, Jonah is getting so big. Thank you for the pictures Kim
I love and miss you.