Thursday, April 28, 2011

Visit to the toy store

Today Jonah and I went to the toy store to get a present for his friend Aric's birthday party this weekend. I think Jonah has officially reached the age where we'll have to leave him at home to do any toy shopping. He wanted everything he saw. We finally got what we needed and he did end up getting a small digger. We also picked up a t-ball set for him. We have known for a while that we would get him one this summer so we earmarked his Christmas money from Uncle Keith for that purpose. We waited for Matt to get home and tried it out.

He was actually pretty good about hitting the ball and not the tee but he was looking at me in this picture and not the ball.

The boy has a love for and knowledge of baseball from an unknown origin. After he took his first swing he started shouting, "I play baseball! I team". He would also sometimes say "I don't like that one" and walk around the tee before hitting the ball. I'm guessing he is remembering earlier this week when we took a walk and saw kids playing baseball at the fields down the street. When they wouldn't swing at the pitches I told him they must not have liked that pitch.

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