Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The weekend

We met up with friends at an Easter egg hunt on Saturday. They had areas roped off by age so it was fair. It was a little bit chaotic when they said go as kids were running and parents were screaming. Some kids reacted by standing in one spot and crying. Jonah had a great time and picked up quite a few eggs. It was held at a park next to a lake so afterwards we let the kids play on the beach while we talked. Jonah couldn't resist the water and ended up with his shoes full of sand and water. Here he is after I changed his pants.

As I was taking this picture Jonah was laughing because the guys had been laughing about something and he joined in trying to be part of the joke.

We ran errands in the afternoon and then by the time all the Easter festivities were done on Sunday Jonah was exhausted. Coupled with the fact that he was coming down with a cold he took a 4 hour nap which we had to wake him from. It is supposed to rain everyday this week but I hope that mean we'll have nicer weather next week and weekend for our vacation. Here is a picture from today.

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heather said...

Well Matt loved the picture he is drawing and he is using the right colors too! Love that cutie..