Sunday, April 10, 2011

We're still here!

Jonah and I had a full day on Thursday with dropping off Matt's car, the children's museum and a big boy haircut. Our rental car is a little 4 door red Hyundai and we're loving it. Although there isn't much legroom the gas mileage is fantastic and parking is a breeze. I miss having a little car but I love not having a car payment so I'll be driving the Pontiac as long as it keeps going. Jonah just keeps asking for daddy's car which won't be done until the end of the week. It had over $5000 in damages which we're very happy about the other guys insurance paying.

I worked Friday and Saturday night so I'm physically and emotionally exhausted. Jonah had pictures taken on Saturday morning which was very poor scheduling on my part. I think they turned out cute and I'm eager to see them. The photographer gave Jonah a chocolate bunny and he immediately cradled and kissed it. Then of course he discovered it was made of chocolate and ate the ears.

I feel like Jonah grows up on the weekends because I don't get to see him and when I do he seems so much older. I think the infant stage will always be my favorite but I'm also loving him as a toddler. He is so much fun and is developing a sense of humor (strikingly similar to Matt's). He plays games and is able to verbalize feelings and ideas. We're still not 100% sure that we'll be home in August as they keep pushing back when you can request vacation. I'm thinking about just booking the tickets and changing them if our request isn't granted. I can't believe Jonah is almost 3!

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