Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another great day!

It was another warm and sunny day! We hit up two different parks today. I made a spreadsheet for the city parks so we can try them all out and document our visits so we can easily determine our favorites. Jonah had speech this morning and he was cracking us up. He said he was looking for his camera phone and then when he found his little play phone he said he was checking his e-mail. I don't have a fancy phone so that is all Matt. After trying to push our little stroller off road yesterday I decided to get a jogging/all-terrain stroller. The one we have is wonderful as long as we're on a smooth surface which we are most of the year. However, this summer I know we'll be going many places where that stroller won't do well. Plus, it would be nice to have a cup holder. Gift cards paid for half of the stroller so hooray for my gift card hoarding and Great Grandma and Grandpa! I made the mistake of showing a picture of it to Jonah this morning and now he keeps asking about riding in it and every time he hears a truck he says it is the delivery truck. Here are a couple of pictures from the park today.

I wish the cap hadn't been in the way. He was decked out in JD gear today. He had JD shorts and green socks too.

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