Saturday, May 28, 2011

I love how the weather forecast changes day to day and even hour to hour. What was supposed to be a rainy week has turned into a partly cloud week and that has been great. The combination of visitors, schedule changes and being 2 1/2 have turned Jonah into a terror. Every day is filled with meltdowns and tantrums. I hope when he starts preschool in just over a week we can get back to a good routine and that will help. I do have pictures but I'll upload them later. I'm still waiting on the new stroller to come. I almost wish I didn't have the tracking information because I know it is in town but they haven't checked it in or something so I can go pick it up. Everywhere we go I think about how nice it would be to have that stroller. Matt has Monday off which is great. I always love extra days with him! We've been spoiled lately but I suppose it is a nice treat before he starts his R3 year and a new call schedule.

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