Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I think we avoided illness but Jonah does have something that is hard to avoid, the terrible twos. The last couple of days have been horrendous. He is testing his boundaries and is not happy when I do not do as he says. Last night he screamed at the table for 30 minutes because I would not give him more pudding or hold his sandwich up to his mouth and because he had tears in his eyes and his pasta salad was touching his sandwich. Breakfast was a repeat. I actually took a video of him last night because Matt was working late and I didn't want him to miss the theatrics. I won't post it though because he is trying to push the camera away screaming "no pictures!". Once he cools off in his crib for a few minutes he is fine and wants to go eat. When he isn't screaming, whining or throwing himself on the floor he is actually a peach. He has taken to asking what we're doing for the day when I wake him up and when I tell him he says "that sounds like a good plan" which must be something I say frequently. He has always hated when we sing the ABCs and will yell to stop so I was shocked when twice today he broke out into the ABCs and actually sang the entire thing. We went to the zoo today but I forgot my camera at home. Jonah was not a fan of the new dinosaur exhibit. I think he is going to have a blast on our short trip. We'll leave in the morning and be home on Friday night.

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