Friday, May 13, 2011


Hooray, blogger is working again. I had pictures to post yesterday but it has been down. It has been so nice here the last couple of days. It isn't nice by Illinois standards as we still need to wear coats but the sun is shining and it isn't raining so we'll take it. I hope it sticks around because I'm pretty sure we could all use some vitamin D. We played at the park yesterday and then today after music class we hit up another park. I'm still looking for good parks around us. Unfortunately they're not any within walking distance (unless I really want a workout but alas we don't have a jogging stroller) so we have to drive. After we were done at the park I had to stop by Jonah's new preschool to drop off paperwork. I was just going to hand it to them and leave and even left Jonah in the car but they invited us in so Jonah could meet his teacher and spend time with her. It was nap time so he got one on one attention. They did some painting and now he is covered in paint. He liked to stick his hand in the jar and take paint out by the handful. It is funny because she called him Jonas which is what we wanted to name him but Matt said something about there being some band with that name so we went with Jonah. Also, it didn't sound good with Thomas. So before I share the pictures here are a few funny things he has said/done in the last couple of days.

-He had his little play laptop and told me he was skyping.
-He had a little bird toy and told me it had a dirty diaper and then pretended to change the bird's diaper.
-This morning I went to get him up and he was laying quietly in his bed. I asked him what he was doing and he said "I just dreaming about backhoes"
-Last night while saying his prayers he said thank you for his leg. We discussed how he should be thankful that he is healthy and can run and walk because some people can't. He thought about it and then said "thank you for my other leg"
-I spent much of music class pulling him away from a little girl's ladybug rain boots. He was crawling on the floor talking to them as she walked around.
-Will randomly yell from the backseat "Don't get in an accident!"

Here are the pictures!

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