Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wonderful News

We didn't say anything because we didn't know if he would get in but we found out that Jonah was accepted to an international preschool. It is a full-immersion program that teaches Spanish and German. When we visited I was taking him to the bathroom and he was telling me about the toys he was playing with and then said "what she saying?" talking about the teacher who was speaking only in Spanish. We had looked at several preschools but nothing seemed like the right fit. We were extremely lucky that I happened to read about this preschool opening nearby because in their other locations in Seattle there is a 2 year long wait list. He'll start in June and it will be two full days a week. We may move him up to 3 days or more when he is older. I'm going to miss him but I can't keep him home with me forever and he'll have a great time. Matt and I are going to have to brush up on our Spanish and learn some German too.

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grandma joan said...

What wonderful news. Our little guy is growing up so fast!
I love and miss you
Grandma Joan