Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yesterday while I got a little sleep after work and went to the dentist, Veronica, Aric and Sophia came over to play with Jonah. Aric got sick while they were here so I spent last night sanitizing every surface and toy I could and shampooing the carpet (yeah, that kind of sick). I'm praying Jonah stays healthy because if he gets sick we'll have to cancel our vacation. The stomach flu and a water park would be a bad combination.

I think Matt and Jonah must have been working on Jonah saying Happy Mother's Day because he has been telling me all day. I tried to get a good picture today but he wouldn't look at me or smile so here is one of him playing.

On Sunday morning when I got home and went to get Jonah out of his crib he was pretending his blanket was a car (which he often does) and he said that he was putting money in it and it was working. I think that trip to Chuck E Cheese may cause a problem the next time we see a coin ride. As it is he already begs to go to Babies R Us and ride the airplane anytime we drive by.

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