Friday, June 10, 2011

The second day of preschool went well although he did have an accident. He still wouldn't nap and they asked me what the trick was to getting him to sleep. I wish I knew. He also asked the teacher why she wasn't napping. I get the feeling they get a kick out of him. We've been working on the swing set and it is slowly coming along. They have you do all the easy parts first so that is what is done. Matt and I tried to assemble the larger parts last night but they had given us the wrong kind of screws and since you use about 60 of them we figured we had better get the right ones. It has been a little rainy and cooler this week but that is okay with me. I've enjoyed just hanging out with Jonah on his days off. I hope it is nicer this weekend though so we can make more headway on the swing. The hardest part is yet to come as our yard is really sloped so we'll have to even out the ground where it sits. I hear Jonah laughing hysterically downstairs which probably means he is feeding his yogurt to the dogs. Here are some more pictures from atop the Space Needle.

A view of downtown. The hospital I work at is to the left of those buildings. I can look out the window and see the water. It makes me want to not be at work.

Looking at Lake Union. UW Medical Center is on the right across the bridge.

Cruise ships.

Looking east. You can see a little of Lake Washington.

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