Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sorry, no pictures

I've been really bad about taking pictures this last week. It'll be a week tomorrow since I've taken a single one. On Wednesday Matt and Jonah went swimming at the rec center during my class. Today he was pretending his tunnel was a water slide. Maybe next year he'll be tall enough to go on a real one. I worked Friday but Saturday the census was low and I jumped at the chance to have a night off. It was nice to feel like I spent a little time with my boys and wasn't sleep deprived. We worked more on the swing set this afternoon. It is starting to resemble something. Matt had the resident graduation tonight and I babysat for Jake while his parents went to a wedding. Next year I'll probably go to the resident graduation but this year I didn't know anyone graduating. It is very formal and at Columbia Tower where they have floor to ceiling windows in the women's restrooms. Matt looked so nice in his suit, I should have taken a picture. I can't ever get him to wear a tie anymore. I think the casualness of radiology was one of the draws for him.

Jonah has been regularly escaping his crib lately. He woke us up this morning. Tonight I put him back three times before I decided to put him in his PeaPod. He can unzip it but I tried to put the zipper pulls on the outside and so far so good. He has scooted it over to his play piano though. I can hear him playing it and singing. I figure as long as he doesn't get out he might eventually fall asleep. Tomorrow's mission is to childproof his room and convert his crib to a toddler bed. I've avoided it as long as I could. I put the gate up outside his door in case he escapes tonight.

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