Wednesday, June 22, 2011

True Story

The dogs locked us out of the house last night. We keep a board propped in the corner by the patio doors and put it down at night so that the door can't slide open. Well as we were all outside last night one of the dogs knocked it down and locked us outside. The door didn't open enough for us to get through. I tried to get Jonah to go through but I forgot he has his father's head and didn't fit. Not wanting to pay an obscene amount of money to a locksmith, we spent about 20 minutes using every stick in the yard to try to move that piece of wood. We did finally get it and you better believe we won't be keeping that piece of wood there anymore. We had spare keys made when we moved in and it was always my intention to put one somewhere outside but instead they were safe inside my wallet on the counter. I couldn't get the dogs to fetch them for me.

In other news, Jonah hasn't been asleep before 12:00 am in over a week. Everything is now removed from his room except for his bed. We're considering unscrewing his light bulb and getting a lock for the closet door too. I had pulled out all of his summer and 3T clothes and had them in a basket. He dumped them out all over the floor. Last night I found him pouring out hand sanitizer he found in the diapering supplies onto the floor. At one point I found him in his bed with about 20 pairs of underwear. Also every pair of socks he owns is now on his closet floor. Today at preschool they're going to try putting him in a playpen during nap time. If it doesn't work we're in for a rough evening.

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