Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Matt!

I've always thought that no one should have to work or go to school on their birthday. Today is Matt's birthday and sadly he'll be working all day. Today is also his long day because he has conference and then "textbook club" so he isn't usually home until after 9 on Thursdays. I just now put Jonah down for a nap so hopefully he'll take a long nap and will be able to stay up until Matt gets home.

Our computer monitor went out this week. I was on the computer and it just went black. There was absolutely no warning that it was going bad. It was 7 years old so that's not too bad. Matt went and picked up a new one. It is an LED and a widescreen which Matt tells me is good but I prefer the old one. It caused a slight delay in the birthday invitations so I'll send them out next week. I have the backs done and the envelopes addressed but I ordered the front of the cards and am waiting on those to arrive. It will make sense when you see it.

Jonah and I had a busy day running errands and having fun. We went to Target to get Matt some M&M's for his birthday and then the library to return books and pick up more. Then we went to the park and ate lunch and played in the sprinklers. It was so nice and sunny today. I thought it was the perfect day for ice cream so we went to DQ and had ice cream and got an ice cream cake for Matt.

Here are the pictures from today but they uploaded completely out of order. I'm off to give Matt a great gift, mowing the lawn. He hates it so he avoids it as long as possible. It currently resembles a jungle. Wish me luck!

Icing his knee after running around the sprinklers and falling.

Matt's ice cream cake. It was either this or camouflage. I thought he would prefer the kitten.

Riding "like a doggy" in the new carts at Target. Our store is undergoing renovations to expand the grocery selection. The carts must be part of it.

Lunch at the park.

He warmed up to the sprinklers a little bit. Here he is drinking the water which I'm sure I shouldn't have let him do.

We grabbed some ice cream for ourselves when we picked up the cake.


Grandma Joan said...

Give Matt a hug and kiss from me for his Birthday! I texted him but I know he is so busy. His card should come soon, we were alittle late in mailing it.
These are great pictures. What a big boy. I love you all

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and I have to fight boys to mow my yard. I enjoy working outside. Have been busy making apple sauce from my trees in back yard. It is a little dry here but yard did look ratty. I hope Matt got his email card I am not too good at doing that. Jonah that fruit looks so good and you are getting so tall. Love you all. Counting the days. Great Grandma Louise