Monday, July 18, 2011

Long weekend

Matt played the part of single dad this weekend as I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I'm looking forward to our trip to Illinois in August because I'll have an entire weekend off work! I don't have any pictures to post and I can't think of anything in particular Jonah has said lately. I can't remember if I posted about it a few weeks ago so I'll just post it again. We were on our way to the mall to play and Jonah was being a horrible backseat driver. Here are some of the things he was yelling at me:
You're going too fast.
You're going to get a ticket.
That's the wrong direction.
We're going downhill.
Turn right.

He gets it honestly because that is what I sound like when Matt drives. He is also starting to show us he is learning at preschool. He will randomly replace english words for spanish. They're basic words like leche, agua and perro. Jonah has a little cold so I kept him home from preschool today. He is now taking a nap so I'm off to do the same.

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