Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No excuses

So I don't have a reason why I've neglected the blog. We haven't been really busy at least not with anything fun. I can say that preschool/going to a big boy bed has been a really rough transition for all of us. My days are filled with toddler tantrums and unreasonable demands. That was our entire month of June. I keep hoping this stage will end soon. I also hope we see some more summer weather. The rest of the country could send some warmth and sunshine this way. I'm working a ton this month to make up for the time off I'll have in August for our trip and because Matt starts call this month meaning I can't work on those weekends. Last weekend Matt and Jonah took a trip to the children's museum. On the 4th while I was sleeping after work Matt took Jonah to a parade and then that night we went to watch fireworks. We had prepared Jonah for the loud noise and shown him videos. When they started he said "I don't like that. They fall on me. They fall in my eyes and on the blanket." He covered his eyes most of the time and would only peek out occasionally. When they were over he heard kids behind us say that they were cool so he said they were cool and he liked them. I think next year they'll be a hit.

In other big news, I finally got a new phone. No one has to worry about my phone hanging up on you now. I got an iphone and I love it. I knew I would because Matt has had one for a while and really likes it. I've been using it to take pictures and haven't been taking my camera out. I'm sure there has to be an easy way to upload pictures directly from the phone to blogger but I don't know how. I had to e-mail them to myself first. So to make up for our absence, here is a picture from our trip to the Disney store today and a video from this morning. He is singing "La lechuza". When he isn't screaming he is a lot of fun to be around.

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