Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trip to the park

We spent all morning and into the afternoon playing at the park today. It was a little rainy and cool in the morning but by the time we left it was probably 70. There was a day camp there that Jonah thought he was a part of. When they said line up to wash you hands for lunch he ran over and tried to get in the line. Then he anxiously waited for them to finish lunch so he could play with them again. I made it my mission to get some pictures today. They aren't the greatest because I didn't realize I didn't look at the camera settings before I took them. He is also looking pretty shaggy but I've been putting off a haircut until right before we go home. Speaking of the big trip, I start working on the birthday party invitations last night. I would like to get them out early next week. Matt has his first radiology call this weekend. He is nervous. I think Jonah and I will make him a care package tomorrow. The best part about him being on call all weekend is that he gets Monday off. The plan is to drop Jonah off at preschool and then we'll have all day to spend together. So far we know we're going to a movie and eating at a restaurant downtown. I'm very excited! Here are the pictures from today.

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Grandma Joan said...

They are wonderful pictures.
I love you all. Matt worries like me. The care package will be nice!