Friday, July 29, 2011

A trip to the pediatrician

Last night we noticed Jonah was limping and decided that if it was worse today I would take him to the doctor. Well it was worse so off to the doctor we went. Unfortunately we couldn't get in to see his pediatrician but we saw another one at the practice. I felt a little silly bringing him in because he wasn't acting like he was in any pain. The verdict is that he sprained it. She said there was a lot of swelling and it would probably get worse before it got better. Unfortunately putting a toddler in a brace is very hard to do so we're supposed to limit his activity and prevent him from falling (she said as he tripped over a toy and fell in the office). So our trip to the beach was canceled and instead we set up the pool in the backyard.

Last night Matt got home early and hadn't even eaten dinner yet so we ended up getting to spend some time with him. Jonah wouldn't sing him happy birthday so I did and then Jonah wanted me to sing it for him. We were eating the cake and Jonah said that the cake was for his birthday. We're going through the "mine" phase right now. When he is in a bad mood he just starts grabbing things and shouting mine. It's fun. Oh and he weighed 34 pounds today which is in the 81st percentile. His 3 year visit will be at the end of August and we'll see how tall he is then. I'm thinking his height is closer to the 40th or 50th percentile.

Matt's birthday card from Jonah. His first answer was appropriate and it went downhill from there. He was eating a snack of goldfish and blueberries at the time. I'm not sure where the last one came from. And he "helped" me write.

He's saying he has the cookie touch (a Cookie Monster bit).


I tried to explain it wasn't deep enough for his life jacket but he wanted to wear it anyway.

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