Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We went to the zoo today and I brought my camera but forgot to take any pictures. We had to head home after Jonah refused to go to the bathroom. For weeks now he has refused to use public restrooms and I'm getting so tired of having to cut our day short to go home. He fell asleep in the car so I took a picture. He must have been very tired because I got him out, took him to the bathroom and put him in bed and he was still somewhat asleep. I had to go out and buy Jonah new jeans the other day because it is never warm enough to wear shorts. See him wearing jeans and a jacket in the picture? After a long rainy fall, winter and spring, summer in Seattle is seriously bringing me down. We've had 78 minutes all summer where it was 80 or above. I don't even care about the temperature as much as the sun. It is overcast almost everyday. Boo!

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