Friday, August 12, 2011

The end of an era

Jonah had his last speech therapy appointment today. He was around 17 months when he started so his speech therapist has watched him grow up quite a bit. I meant to get a picture of them together but I forgot. I'm sure Jonah doesn't understand that she isn't coming back. When she said she had to leave he said he was going with her. I'm so glad we had someone who really clicked with Jonah. Her husband's family is from Iowa so she knew all about tractors which Jonah liked.

This afternoon Jonah and I went to the farmer's market, road the train and played at the playground. They had pony rides but I didn't want Jonah to take his first pony ride without Matt there so we'll try to go back another time. Despite the solemn look on his face in the pictures he did have a good time. Tonight is Matt's last night and he goes back to days on Monday. Oh and we have a wanderer on our hands. We sent out a search party at the park yesterday when Jonah went missing. When he was found through the trees on the other side of the park he said that a baseball player was calling his name and he had to go through the jungle. After I tried to explain to him that he cannot leave the park by himself he said he was going to do it again. Looks like we're going to need some kiddie lojack.

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