Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life with Jonah

Jonah's Washington birthday party is tomorrow and I should really be getting ready for that but I thought I would drop you a few tidbits of life with the almost three year old. Here are some things Jonah has been saying/doing lately.
  • Told Caleb to get out of his room and said he was going to count to three and actually started counting. Matt says he does that to him too.
  • Most often used phrase, "That would be good" followed by "That sounds like a good plan"
  • Constantly singing gibberish and then asks me what the song was about
  • Asks us what is in his left/right hand and talks about what is in his left/right hand. Is correct about 80% of the time
  • Clings to me when I drop him off at preschool and cries that he wants me to stay with him. Has also been telling me not to go to work
  • Matt says blueberries are not a stand alone fruit (something he heard on a radio show that he thinks is hilarious). This morning Jonah was having blueberries with his breakfast and informed me that blueberries are not a stand alone fruit and they can't walk on their own.

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