Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our day in pictures

Today we had one of those days that makes me feel so blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom (on weekdays). Jonah was in great spirits all day and we had a day full of learning and fun. Tomorrow I'll get back to our trip recap but for now enjoy some pictures of our day. Hooray for cell phone cameras!

First stop, 3 year check up. He weighed 35 lbs (81%) and was 37.5 in tall (50%). There was no crying when he got his flu shot or the finger prick for an iron level. When he got his shot he looked at the nurse and said "That hurt me".
As a treat for being so good we went out to lunch. Notice he hardly touched his PB&J but rather is eating my bread.
And we shared a cookie. We also went to the play area at the mall but it was way too crowded to take pictures. Coupled with the fact that Jonah tried to make a run for it 4 times.
Next stop was Lowes to window shop and pick up a support for our growing tomato plant. I would love to change out the builder grade lights in our house for something more our taste. Either one of these would look good in the dining room.
And this would be good in Jonah's room. I did find him a rug today which I'll have to take a picture of and post later.
No trip is complete without a ride on the tractors. I'm pretty sure it is frowned up but we do it anyway. He quickly tried to move all the levers like he had learned from Grandpa.
He also likes to visit the "barns" in the parking lot. These would make great playhouses. Maybe one day when we have a larger yard.

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Anonymous said...

No wonder you stay so thin. You have to really move to keep up with him. Cannot tell you enough how much we enjoyed your visit here in Illinois. They picked our seed corn around my house last week and are picking across the road today. Uncle Harry and Uncle Keith went to Faram Progress show in Decatur today. Love you all. Great Grandma Louise