Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm spending today packing for Illinois. We're staying in a hotel Tuesday night so we can park there and take the shuttle to the airport early on Wednesday. Jonah and I will drop the dogs off at the kennel on Tuesday afternoon and then go swimming at the hotel. I'm hoping to keep him up all day so he'll sleep that night. I'll post the party info later today. Since today was the last day of preschool before his birthday we brought cupcakes. I bought them instead of making them and I'm hoping there are leftovers because they looked yummy. We're so excited to see everyone. You're not going to believe how much Jonah has grown up and what he is saying. I'm amazed everyday at his language and thoughts. Matt said that when I was at work this weekend he and Jonah were playing and Jonah said he was going to be a kitty and Matt was going to be a puppy and they were going to play. It is the first time that he really involved someone else in his play. Usually he just tells us what he is doing or has us hold things. I think year 3 is going to be so fun! Here are some pictures from the weekend.

He mostly sleeps in his bed now but I think there probably wasn't room for him. I had already cleared it out twice that night.

I skipped my nap before work on Saturday because the sun was shining. Fifteen minutes after arriving at the beach the clouds rolled in and didn't go away. Jonah enjoyed building sandcastles with other families on the beach. He doesn't know a stranger.

This is what the sky looks like most of the time here. I can handle the rain and the cooler temperatures but I desperately miss sunny days. Can I put my order in for sunny days in Illinois for the next week? Oh but a thunderstorm in the evening would be nice. We don't have those here. Jonah doesn't know anything about thunder and lightning.

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