Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This morning as I was getting his breakfast Jonah was saying "andele" over and over. It is the first time I've heard him use a spanish word that I didn't teach him or that isn't basic vocabulary. At home we mainly focus on foods, colors, body parts and then let him lead us. It is nice to know that he is really listening and has some comprehension of the language (and that our money is going toward more than expensive daycare!). Here are some recent pictures from my phone. They've uploaded out of order.

Our little green pepper

I don't think I had any part in this child. He looks so much like Matt.

Here he is telling me he sees pine trees. I love the play set because it gives me time to get yard work done while he plays. Ignore his outfit. He insists on wearing his raincoat when he plays in the backyard. Usually with the hood up too. I don't know why.

We finally have a tomato turning red! Jonah calls this the daddy tomato because it is the biggest. I hope it is ready before we leave next week. There are probably a dozen more that are still growing. We're growing tomatoes, basil and green peppers this year. They're all very easy. I hope to add more next year.

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Megan said...

He does look a lot like his daddy, but he has your eyes Kim!
See you guys soon!
Aunt Meg