Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hello, Fall!!

The weather definitely cooled off here this week and I'm loving it. Have I mentioned how much I love fall? Today I pulled out the two tubs of fall decorations and went to town. Tragically along with the Christmas decorations the fall decorations were accidentally left in Illinois. Each trip I've brought a little bit back and now they're almost all here! Here are some pictures from my camera.

Matt and Jonah at the splash park two weeks ago. Jonah was more interested in going down the big hill than the park.
You can see the top of Jonah's head at the park last week.
Ah, there he is!
Jonah and Aric at the zoo yesterday. They're only 6 months apart.
Unpacking my fall decorations. You can see I took a break from working on Jonah's costume to have a little fun. Not that making his costume isn't fun but I'm using a pattern this year and it is taking a lot of brain power to figure it out.

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