Friday, September 2, 2011

Small post today because we're at party day in the vacation recap and that deserves a big post. Just a little update on Jonah. He did have blood in his urine and the doctor thinks he must have injured himself somehow. They'll culture it and we'll bring another sample in next week to make sure the blood goes away. It's Friday so that means work. I'm looking forward to October when I have 3 entire weeks off work to enjoy the fall. I picked up the fabric for Jonah's costume today. He requested a fireman dog costume. No, not a dalmatian but a dalmatian that is a fireman firedog. So basically I'm making two costumes. Good thing I have two months to do it! Oh and Matt was selected  for the introduction to academic radiology program. They send him to one of two conference and have lectures on academic radiology. He was first selected as his residency's candidate and then from a national pool. I'm not sure how many people are in the program. We were hoping he would be sent to the conference in Vancouver because we've heard that is a great place to visit but they're sending him to the one in Chicago he was already going to anyway.

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