Tuesday, September 6, 2011

That party recap I've been promising is really coming. I'm having trouble uploading pictures and have too many things on my to do list to figure it out right now. So instead a few quick things about Jonah!

Has started taking his diaper off at night. Last night after putting it back on him after he fell asleep and putting tight fitting pajama pants over it, this morning he had removed both and peed on the carpet in his room.

Today is picture day at preschool. He tripped over the stoop this weekend and has a nice scrap down his forehead and nose.

Half the time we are no longer mommy and daddy but mom and dad. When did he become so grown up?

I have to watch him around babies and younger children. Three times in the last week he has tried to pick up children. He does this by putting his arms around their necks.

We had fish last week and he said it was hot dogs. I let him think that and he ate it all. In no way did it resemble hot dogs.

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